Pressure Washing

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How Does Pressure Washing Help Me?



Cleaning hard surfaces around your home requires the right equipment and the proper training. Damage can occur easily if the job isn’t done right, and can be costly! Whether it’s deck preparation, driveway and walkway cleaning, brick and concrete cleaning, or house washing, rest assured that you’ll get the job done right with Bavarian Window Cleaning.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Control

Treating your roof every 2 to 3 years is maintenance that will keep your roof clean and healthy for the life of your roof, saving you money!


Moss grows in a shady, damp area of your roof. It’s most often thrives on the North side of the roof and in areas where your roof receives the least amount of sun. Over a period of time, moss will root into your roof shingles causing damage and will most likely force you to prematurely replace your roof at a significant cost.

The process we use to clean your roof involves first cleaning the entire roof of debris, we then apply our moss treatment to effectively treat the areas that are affected or will be affected by moss. We encourage our clients to prevent damage to their roofs by applying this treatment at least twice each year due to the climate here in the Pacific Northwest, and at least once per year if most of your roof is exposed to sunlight.

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